Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Just to clarify.... when and why this diary was written

Hi all

I must make sure that you all know when this diary was written, so you don't think I am going through this now in 2011

I started keeping a diary on 7th July 2010, I did this to help me cope with what was happening and to be able to look back and learn. I was facing 3 cycles of chemotherapy, (called ECX). A day in hospital then 3 weeks at home taking tablets, then repeating this another 2 times.  After this was surgery, if all had gone well. To be followed by more chemotherapy.

So here in July 2011, after the chemotherapy and surgery last year (and more chemo in January 2011) I decided to try and help others who may get this, and those who will care for them. The statistics for survival of this cancer are not very good (87% never even get the chance of surgery - they are diagnosed too late) and I am trying to raise awareness of this disease so that others may not get it.  I also want to help those who may have it, to understand it better, the possible side effects they may encounter and to help give them and those who care for them hope.  I also want to educate Doctors and other health professionals as to what we, as patients go through.  this may help them understand and serve us better.  Most of the ones I have come across have been fantastic, but, in the words of my Doctor, "Bryan you are an expert patient, who knows better than anyone who hasn't been through this, what it means".

So, there you are, this was last year, and I write it now in 2011, with the hope it helps. 
I am still recovering as we speak, have some health issues and obviously hope I will make a full recovery, but I have no rose tinted glasses as regards this killer. It's one day at a time and live each day as if it's your last.  Thank you for reading this and the marvellous feedback I am getting, from this site and my posts on Facebook, Twitter and recently the Macmillan cancer support website.
As this blog develops I will endeavour to share all my experience and tips to help others. Any suggestions or comments are welcome, and if you just want to chat, that is ok to.
Be positive, its how we live our lives that count, everyone can make a difference, it just takes doing it.


  1. (hmm not only was I 'blonde' enough to start reading the blog back to front... I also seem to have managed to have lost my comment - could have sworn I posted one yesterday)


    it's so strange to read this at it's very you but very different to the professional you I know from work

    I really hope many people will read this and go to the doctors sooner (even if it's only a few days or weeks) than they would have with something that has been nigling - it really can make all the difference, my Mum was told if she'd left it for another month it would have been too late - that was nine years ago(!) and she's still alive to tell that tale

    I really can see you in this blog - can we have an update on the knee one day please? it's good to see you write! you do it so well!

    x Iris

  2. Excellent comment Iris - and yes Bryan, all this talk of Mr C & I'd completely forgotten about the knee - how's it doing (and you of course ;-) )