Friday, 25 November 2011

What's been happening!

Hi all
 A bit of a late post, but been through a difficult time over the last 3 months.
I was doing well up until August and then developed severe pains in my arms and shoulders, also my neck. This went on for a few weeks, got worse and so a visit to the Dr was made.  I had blood tests which were ok then an Xray on my shoulder to see if it was a 'frozen shoulder' but that was deemed ok too. It carried on and then I saw my Consultant who requested a bone scan.  You can imagine how this feels, I was doing well and now it looked like 'something' was coming back or happening.

I had been mentoring a fellow sufferer through June and July who unfortunately died at the end of August. He didn't make it. As so often happens with this cancer it won, but I must stress that survival rates are not as bad as painted in the press recently, you may have seen these articles.  I think they were very misleading, especially the statements about drinking and overweight contributing.  I know many people who have this cancer and most of them NEVER smoked and are NOT overweight.
Still it has been a personal worry. My results came back and were clear which was a huge relief. I honestly was begining to think that it may be bone cancer. I had many sleepless nights.

So here I am now, been through the mill a bit, worried a bit more, but tried to keep it from my family and friends (they have been through enough)
I still have the pains, but am learning to live with them. My fantastic Macmillan nurse Caroline says it is probably 'old age', and I hope she is right.

This time last year, today, I had my operation. My brother Keith phoned me to tell me that one year ago today Sara my wife phoned at 8:30am to say I had just gone into surgery. She phoned again at 3:00pm to say I was still in, then she phoned at 6:30pm to say I was out, in intensive care and had smiled at her (I think it was wind!)

So here we are a year later and so so gratefull to all the NHS people who looked after me and made this possible. The chemo worked, it shrunk the tumour, the operation was had and now it was recovery time. I will continue the Blog now from this point on, with a view to helping those who go through it.
Please remember that if you or anyone you know has symptoms of reflux, difficulty in swallowing, etc or something not right in your throat, get it CHECKED out, and if you are not happy and it continues, DO NOT LEAVE IT and hope it gets better, keep on until you KNOW what it is, it may save your life!
much love and health to you all

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  1. Sorry to hear that you've been having further health issues - hope you are on the road to recovery. Nice to see you back at your writing - you've been missed.