Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What's been happening

Hi all
Sorry for the delay in updating my post, I have been having a bit of bother lately, due to possible strangulated hernia in operation wound site, followed by a severe infection. Ho hum ain't life great!!
Hernia turned out to not be strangulated, what a relief, hate those strangulated bits and bobs, gets in the way of living (smile) Infection cleared up now after a spell of antibiotics, so back on a reasonable level keel again.
For those who asked, my knee is really crap (excuse language) hurts all the time, the joint goes out every day, sometimes I can walk and sometimes I can't, but I am really good at sitting and watching the world go by. Only real problem is lack of sleep as it wakes me up a lot. BUT the good news is that if I keep on getting better then there is light at the end of the tunnel and I may be able to have the knee replacement next year Woot woot!
I looked at my diary for last year and will post this soon, but wanted to get something on here as I bet you all thought I had gone away (smile)