Weight... the ups and down, down downs of cancer

Weight Loss - how it happened for me

This is to show how my weight changed through; not being able to eat, chemotherapy, surgery and post operative chemotherapy and finally recovery.

I started this record  in January 2010, just as the tumour started really affecting my ability to eat solid food, and recorded my weight here and there throughout my treatment.
FOOD - very little solid food up to February, only managed with drinks to help it down.  This got progresively worse and by mid April could only manage thin soups, energy drinks and porridge (but strained).
  • 31/1/2010      19 stone (st) 7pounds (lbs) -   125kg
  • 03/05/2010    19st                                         123 kg
  • 21/05/2010    18st 9lbs                                 119.5kg
Started first cycle of chemotherapy on July 7th 2010
  • 12/07/2010    16st 13lbs                                 107.5kg
  • 16/07/2010    16st 10 lbs                                106kg
  • 26/07/2010    16st 6lbs                                   104.3kg 
Started second cycle of chemotherapy on July 28th 2010
  • 03/08/2010    15st 11lbs                                 100.2kg
  • 06/08/2010    15st 12lbs                                 100.7kg                                 
  • 11/08/2010    15st 10lbs                                  99.7kg
Started third (and last) cycle of chemotherapy on August 25th 2010
  • 30/08/2010    15st 8lbs                                     98.8kg
  • 05/09/2010    15st 7lbs                                     98.6kg
  • 17/09/2010    15st 6lbs                                     98.4kg
  • 28/09/2010    15st 5lbs                                     97.5kg
  • 16/10/2010    16st                                            101kg
Due to being able to eat better after the chemotherapy treatment  I put some weight back on through September and into October. I was told not to worry as needed the strength and would loose weight following surgery.
  • 09/11/2010    15st 10lbs                                    99.7kg
  • 24/11/2010    15st 6lbs                                      98.4kg
Operation day 25th November, out 6th December, no weight recorded until:
  • 21/12/2010     15st 4lbs                                     97kg
  • 27.12/2010     15st 2lbs                                     96.1kg
  • 03/01/2011     15st                                             95.3kg
  • 08/01/2011     14st 13lbs                                   94.8kg
  • 11/01/2011     14st 10lbs                                   93.4kg
  • 16/01/2011     14st 9lbs                                     92.8kg
  • 18/01/2011     14st 7lbs                                     92kg
Started fourth cycle of chemotherapy(post operative) on January 20th 2011
  • 24/01/2011     14st 6lbs                                     91.6kg
  • 25/01/2011     14st 1lb                                      89.8kg
  • 26/01/2011     13st 13lbs                                   88.4kg
  • 29/01/2011     13st 1lbs                                     87.9kg
  • 30/01/2011     13st 10lbs                                   87kg
As you can see my weight went from:
  • 31/01/2010     19st 7lbs   (125kg) or 276lbs    to
  • 30/01/2011     13st 10lbs ( 87kg)  or 192lbs  
A weight loss of         6st            (38kg)   or  84lbs  in one year.

As I write this post I have put weight back on and am now up to 15st (95kg) , where I feel comfortable