Friday, 10 June 2011

1 year ago today......

Well.... this time last year my wife and I went to the hospital to see the Dr and get 'the news' and as we expected, it was bad.  He confirmed that I had oesophageal cancer and that it was advanced.
Although I was ready for the news, as the endoscopy picture looked pretty bad, it was still a shock.  Thinking you might have cancer and finding out that you really do have cancer is awfull, your world comes to a stop, your plans and dreams go out the window, and you are forced to face your own mortality.  what do I do now? what about my wife and children, my family and friends? how and what do I tell them.  What is next for me?

The Dr was blunt and to the point, I suppose he thought this was the best approach, he even said, "well we all have to die of something, sometime"  I admired his people handling skills, it must have taken him years to get so good (smile).

Next step would be my case going before the MDT (Multidisciplinary Team), this group would review all the test results and come up with a plan for me, to give me the best chance of surviving. So it's back to waiting, but much to do on a personal level.  Now to tell family and friends, this is going to be so hard.......

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