Saturday, 4 June 2011

Down the throat... and waiting....

God having a tube shoved down your throat is no fun, but waiting for the result is even worse!!
After the Dr sent me to hospital to have an endoscopy, and after having this I was told the next 2 weeks would be the longest in my life, waiting for the result.  As it turned out it was 3 weeks before seeing the Dr again, and for me and my family this time was hell, as you can imagine.  It's like having a death sentence hanging over you.

Must mention here that I also went for a scan and this could have extended the waiting time even more but I phoned and pushed and eventualy got that done a bit quicker than if I had just accepted what was offered.  Every week you wait could mean the difference between life and death.

The thing here is if you have any symptoms, don't wait, don't let the system grind along, YOU have to push it and make it happen, as quick as you can.  This cancer is terrible, 87% of people who are diagnosed do not get offered surgery, so that's only 13% who have that chance.  The earlier you find out the better.  I know this.

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